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April 27, 2007



You think you feel guilty? I voted for Nader in 2000. I bought into all the media-hyped crap about Gore (didn't realize yet the whole high-school lunchroom ethic in the national press corps) and thought Nader deserved a little credit for all his years of work for the consumer. And the question I asked myself about Bush, for which I'm still drilling holes in myself, was "Gosh, how much damage could one guy do?"

Thankfully, my state went for Gore anyway, so I don't have the Electoral College hanging over my head. Gore's got my vote now if he wants it, obviously.

Charles Nelson Reilly was once asked how it felt being a TV personality. He said, "Don't ever be a personality, it doesn't pay well" And how much alcohol was consumed before -- or during -- Match Game tapings.....


get yer charles nelson on!


I can't believe you don't love this guy!


Oops, TP hates YT:


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