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February 12, 2007



i can't specifically disagree with this...as much as i'd like to on occasion, i am incapable of viewing the world (and specifically media coverage) through the eyes of the ovary-possessing...and i know you don't have a tendency to over-analyze these things (i often agree with your assessment of many pop-culture issues)...BUT...i find it very difficult to care one way or the other about her life OR her death.

regardless of gender, she IS a trainwreck, even in death. her post-Playboy fame was a complete and total joke. whether she was in on the joke or not, she surely reaped the benefits. the fact remains that the media (in the abstract, as if it were a singular entity) feels as though they created her, and i'm positive they feel as though they can destroy her at-will, as if she's some sort of "frankenstein's monster with tits".

it's no secret that the organizations that report the news (and the "news-that-isn't") share a very similar ethos and behavior. she's another commodity to them...a thing to be consumed, indistinguishable from the magazines in which she appeared.

i understand you perspective, but i think the glee that these organizations are showing isn't based on which set of genitals she posesses, but is self-congratulatory...as if to say, "look, even when we kill the goose, it keeps giving us golden eggs!"

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