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December 17, 2006


Erin Donovan

hey, I thought you read Omnivore's Dilema? If not, I think it will alternately delight and enrage you. It's hella New Yorker-y.



spam was posted so quickly.

90% replied Cos of beautiful firm and young breasts and I proud on them

how can i integrate this into my research prospectus on breastfeeding? and do i cite pinktalk?


in reference to your metal question...

1) yes, the crue are most certainly "metal". it sort of devolved and spun out into glam-metal in the mid/late 80's, but they started with the pre-requisite leather/occult/primarily-male-fanbase that is the textbook definition of metal.

2) does anyone care what penelope speerhis thinks? seriously, aside from a couple decent documentaries almost 20 years ago, what has she done? a series of atrocious SNL-alum projects and a ridiculous attempt at a third installment of the documentary series that was laughable at best?

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