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February 20, 2006



YAY! so much fun this weekend. why does it have to end?


wow - corey? smoking? again? your weekend was comparable to mine - though there was no karaoke. but much drinking.


what, no song list!



Well, if you insist:

Kara - You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman, Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Mr. Pink - Like A Rolling Stone (obviously he did not need the words, which is precisely how I heckled him, ha) and he was waiting around to sing Take The Skinheads Bowling but it didn't come up before we left

Zach - I Touch Myself (!!!)

Corey - some Depeche Mode song which I already forget!

Me - Fuck and Run, aka the great karaoke mistake, though the older Smithies loved it (Liz Phair fixation never dies, it just starts wearing ironic knee socks)

This one guy sang Get Low, which is, I hear, some hip-hop song the kids today are listening to, and I was shocked -- SHOCKED! -- by the lyrics about sweaty balls!

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