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September 22, 2005



oh darling...clearly we disagree, and it's got nothing to do with kids. the whole topic is ridiculous.

why can't we just admit that there are people with kids that are rude and inconsiderate who feel that they are more imoportant than you, just like there are people without kids that are rude and inconsiderate that feel they are more important than you? why drag a kid into it?

yes, there are those parents that look down their noses at people who choose not to procreate, but i'm fairly confident they're in the vast minority...why paint with such a wide brush?

isn't this what we hate about uber-conservatives? anyone who doesn't agree with their world view is automatically a hell-bound, baby-killing, marriage-ruining sodomite.

i just think too many parents are elbow deep in baby shit and wet-wipes to worry about your life choices, and maybe a teeny tiny bit of it is self-insecurity on the part of those who feel the most offended...


OMG, is Jenna pregnant?!?

I think you misinterpret me, I don't think the raging assholes who buy those double-wide strollers are judging me. (That's just your typical Thursday Style section hyperbole.) But you can bet for shit-sure that I am judging them. Judging them as irredeemable fuckwads. Who should fall into a lava pit and die.

Also, I think you have not yet encountered the Status Stroller in real life.


no! she isn't. (that i know of, anyway. and how did i know that would be your answer?)

you are correct in insinuating that this is a bigger issue in the non-yinzer cities... apparently, the ones with better public transportation systems. or more bustling downtown-ish areas.

and i'll be honest. i like kids. so mayhaps you think i'm biased in some way in this debate, but really i'm not.

please don't take this personally, but i just see this article as some sort of city-folk hipster equivalent of the car-crash-as-television-show...a way to feel better about oneself by judging the differences in others.

for shame, mrs. pink. bad liberal.

(can i remove my tongue from my cheek now?)

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