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August 19, 2005



Re: anti-war movement and the house of cards.
You'll remember I'm sure that it was Tiger's fault that the house of cards fell. And there are Siberian tigers and Bengal tigers. And the Bengals are in Cincinnati. And Cincinnati is in Ohio.

Really I shouldn't go on.

Anon in PA

RE: Anti-War Movement...
As usual, you've crystalized something I was already thinking, namely the eerie hypnosis thing about the War and for that matter about Prez 43 being a NE Preppie in a Texas costume and that was even more obvious when 41 was prez. And you know the whole house of cards metaphor is especially perfect given the whole "Texas Hold 'em" craze?

Keep at it Ms Pink, I'm readin ya loud and clear in PA. Even if I remain Anon.


nice, cozy place you got here :)..


Oh, I KNOW you didn't jus dis the bread and butter of my life that is the LVS!

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