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July 15, 2005



hoorah and concur from my end of things, except, you know, i won't be writing that check until i am gainfully employed..or whatever.

Anon in PA


I have been a lurker around here for a few months now.


I am a resident of PA, and a lifelong Demo, and I am VERY pro-choice, BUT I am VOTING for CASEY, as much as a way of getting Rick S. OUT.

Good on ya!

Anon in PA


Right on! It is quite sad that too many on the left in PA and even the 'Burgh don't see this the same way. If they don't get their act together we all will lose though.


Here here. I'm currently a massachusetts liberal, but I was once a Pennsylvanian, and I used to write for the sadly defunct In Pittsburgh. In the early 90's, I was helping on a story on what local politicians were doing to woo the former Perot-ites, and I had the (mis)fortune to see the then-Representative Santorum rant to a bunch of well-intentioned-but-basically-crazy people about how-- I can't make this up-- pregnant Mexican women were streaming across the border to sign up for welfare and take advantage of our superior healthcare system. Bitch is indeed crazy.

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