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June 03, 2005



OMG. i haven't thought of tuscadero is ages and ages. THANK YOU. THANK YOU> that made my day!


my site is currently unreachable, so...my 6 favorite songs at the moment...

-white stripes - blue orchid: seriously, when is jack going to stop kicking the asses of all other rock bands and just do something average? the whole new album is pretty darn good.

-m.i.a. - galang: see, sarah. i didn't even know you knew this song, but i knew you'd love it. the fact that she's all uber-socialist helps.

-black eyed peas - pump it/don't funk with my heart: new album doesn't seem as good as the last one, but they're at least making radio interesting again.

-vanguard - 1 bit bass: some of that thumping trance/techno stuff.

-an unknown random song that ended up on my mp3 player. lyrics are "it's the first day/of the rest of your life/don't fuck it up". yeah.

-prince - around the world in a day: just picked this cd up (had the vinyl for years, and the tape since it came out in 85). i love it.


that unknown song:
timo maas - "first day"

look it up. get it. you'll thank me.


RAD! Beat Happening was my favorite band in high school. And this post mentions me! The internet rules!


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