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November 02, 2004


Amy Mac

I VOTED EARLY! Last Thursday, actually. I voted for Kerry, but since I am stuck in Lubbock, Texas (in law school) my vote will be in the minority. Oh well.
Great job on the calls to Ohio.
I appreciate you!


Done and done. SO glad I got to pull the lever as opposed to the electronic voting debacle-in-the-making...

Anyone round here in a district with compu-vote? How'd it go?


I was voter number 77 in my polling place at 8:30 am! Go West Philly Voters!


hollar back! i busted ass this morning to get to my polling place. i will be doing some very fucked guage knitting tonight as i watch the returns. enjoy your cheese sandwich!



i am proud (also) to represent relocated Western Pennsylvanians in voting for Kerry today in Boston. i can only hope my fellow home-states menANDwomen do the same today in PA!!!


done, but it looked gruesome in the eastern suburbs of pittsburgh. many a W cap handing out propaganda. i wish i could take today off and just wander around in my kerry shirt.

i wish it were tomorrow already!


I gotta wait til after work; couldn't get my act together in time this morning. boooo


I'm not in PA, but I was the 600th voter at my precinct at about 1:30. I am feeling optimistic, and also think I may borrow your cheese sandwich tradition. Sounds yummy!


My roommate and I got up at the crack of dawn to vote for Kerry in Brooklyn before heading to work. Excitement was high at P.S. 46 :-)

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