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November 03, 2004




disenfranchisement doesn't begin to describe it.


You said all the things I was thinking of saying!


If we're stuck for another four years, at least get me the hell out of Idaho! Anyone in a blue state want to overpay a pseudolibrarian?

The one for sure good thing that became clear last night was that in this republican stronghold state, the first openly lesbian state legislator has been elected. Woo! Of course, I'm still leaving.


You are quite welcome to join us up here in Canada - I wish all the liberals would come north. We can send our conservatives south (we have them here too) That way, we can - hopefully - keep in a sane left-wing government. We are all quite somber here in the office today - unfortunately the world has to live with the choice of the idiot 50% whatever percentage of idiots south of the border. Very sad day.


i am sick to my stomach today. i had to stop watching last night because i was so scared and truly believed that in the morning they would show that Kerry had won. but no. oh god, what are we going to do? fear has won. hope is dying in america.


Once again, the morons of America have elected their King. Sob.

Taco Disease

Waaaaaaaa! Here we go, 4 more years of whining from democrats. The rest of the week to hear that your moving from the United States. Dividers you are. Please leave. you do more harm here in the Unnited States than anywhere else. We will all "move on" and continue being free.
Here in the next few weeks we will see Democrats for who they really are. here is a tissue.


i would rather be a "divider" any day (if by divider you mean someone who doesn't just go along, glassy-eyed and slack-jawed, eith whatever anyone else deems appropriate for me) than a brainless, lemming about to go over a cliff with all the rest of their congregation. If the "harm" Democrats do is forcing people to think, yeah, that could be harmful to all you sheep being led to slaughter. Good.


Two days and I'm still getting choked up about the election. At least I don't have to listen to freakin' commercials anymore - living in a swing state (that thankfully went blue) was brutal.

I think you should start your own nation:

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