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November 29, 2004



Mmm, I don't know if it is the comments - or the cute pictures of you that made Eric link you to his site. (The red lipstick really works on you)

The real question is what a Steelers fan is doing in Massachusetts, even if it is in (pretty) Western Mass. .. It will be a good playoff game when we play Pittsburg in the playoffs with Corey Dillon actually PLAYING!

Go Pats! :-)



Further proof that you are the coolest of the cool.

Also further proof that I have 85% impeccable taste in friends. (You linked by Alterman, my friend Shep making the Gawker-Stalker list).


aww yeah you know i keep coming back for the red lipstick photos...teehee


Yeah, Laurel, goes to show that even to us enlightened liberals, the internet basically amounts to a very high-tech way to say, "Hey sexy mama!"

Le sigh.


ladies, ladies...the internet became popular prett-much singlehandedly (pun intended) as a place to get cheap-as-in-free porn.

it's only right and natural that fetching good looks would get 'em in the door, but your wicked-sharp tongue would keep 'em here.


Web or no web - sex, politics, and power - these all mix quite well. The way around all of this is not to post your pics...something not unheard of on the web...even online chat with no reference to sexuality is not unheard of …in fact, it used to not be unusual on IRC and Webchat. There are still plenty of folks that go out of their way to make their identities obscure...not that I recommend this…

Why do many progressives go out of their way to deny the very same humanity they are trying to "save" in people? Compassion, joy, hope, love & sexuality are all human qualities - things that truly pervade human nature. (Well - Dog qualities as well …) We are no less human for denying our compassion than we are if we deny our sexuality… (IMHO)

Sarah looks great with the red lipstick - and it is only human nature for Eric (as the now rumor states) to respond to this minor fashion statement...and yes, I consider myself as "somewhat" progressive... I just don’t consider observation as a regressive idea…in fact, I consider it the opposite. It is the CONServatives that don’t seem to observe anything but their own blind rhetoric these days… ;-)


...and yes, the web, the VCR, much of cable - they all rose on the financial power of (generally men's) never ending quest for sex - real or fictitious. I don't know the relevance to that to my initial comment - but it does go to show how close some folk’s minds are to the gutter at all times...to construe a perfectly innocent (and nice – as in “not mean”) comment of mine into some type of overt sexual statement... Perhaps I should have said (PC) that the red lipstick is too feminine a statement to be displayed on a serious political blog… ;-)


Aww, Al, we're just joshing you!

Though I would prefer to imagine that it's my brains that brings on the hott links from famous lefties. Err, well, the one hott link.

FYI, third wave feminism all the way, bitches! I can't stand that hippie shit.

Anyway, Mark mocks especially much because I soooo slept with him.


Al...first thing...take, at maximum, 10% of what I say seriously at any given time.

second, sarah is H O T T. the key to her sexiness is she has the brains to match the bra. she is the complete antithesis of an undeserving hack/hag like ann coulter...brilliant and beautiful. and, she totally takes delight in girlieness and sexuality...

third, to answer the question in your first post, sarah hails from western PA, so that's how a steelers fan ends up stranded in MASS. poor, poor thing that she is. (ps - corey dillon? pfffft.)

fourth-a-ly, who really cares why mr. alterman showed up here and made a little wink-and-a-nod on his site? the fact is, he did, it's pretty fuckin' cool, and a blog worthy of notice is actually getting some. huzzah, i say. i'm all for celebs who send shouts to the little peeps.


PS - as i'm now heavily linked via this site and might actually get a hit or two of my own, i'm revamping hypnotyza.com to be fully functional and good-looking by Jan. 1, 2005, complete with all kinds of crazy link-y goodness. yay for self-motivation!


wtf is this conversation about?


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