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November 18, 2004



1)there is no need to apologize to me for the knit-centric content. i think it's cool, i just normally gloss over those links. (except, for some reason, the RAWKin skull sweater...i can TOTALLY see Billy Corgan in that...) i certainly appreciate your craftiness, and again, there is absolutely no need to apologize for it. you're keeping me well rounded and aware of things that i would not normally be interested in.

2) i can't believe you didn't pick up on the interracial...connotation in about a half second. that was honestly my first thought...even before the issue of the bare-backed hot-mom...i just heard stan savran talking about this on wdve: the nfl has only logged 200 complaints. TWO. HUNDRED. out of an approximate 9 MILLION viewers. so it kind-of occurs to me that the media has once again dictated to us what we should be offended by instead of letting adults make decisions for themselves.

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