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November 05, 2004



man, how did you narrow it down to just that one passage? there are literally thousands to choose from...


okay, off topic, but something i thought you'd be interested in.
last night i went to see david sedaris. fabulous show! but, what i wanted to share was his comments when asked about how he felt about the election. he said that, after his initial depression and shock, he was trying to look at it as follows. that, since the mess that bush has created is so massive and extreme, that kerry would have been a one-term president if elected because there would be no way for him to do all that needed to be done. so, by leaving the chimp in office for another 4 years, the next (hopefully non-radical right) president could have a chance of staying in long enough to make a difference.

last night, surrounded by like-minded people, it sounded wonderful. today, though, i recognize that bush may make a bigger mess in the next 4 years and that the right-wing radicals may get elected again, to "keep fixing" the problem.

on-topic: muslims, christians and jews basically worship the same god, the god of the old testament. christians have added the tolerant and loving Jesus. do they not think there was a reason for this? why do they emulate the cruel and harsh god of the OT in Jesus' name?

there are many christian and religious liberals, but no party has been able to herd them. whereas the religious right want to be herded and have the thinking done for them. life is so much easier that way.

sorry for the long post and for the most-likely offensive statements. just musing over the whole situation and really not understanding the contradictions of word and deed here.


this explains it all: http://attenuation.net/files/iq.htm


ditto x infinity = how much i agree with this statement.

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