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October 20, 2004



well, well, well... another rabid anti-bush babe. it is so past the point in time to figure out why we can never find anyone who voted for him the first time and get cooking on making sure that they don't vote him in to a second chance to decimate a generation of young men in this country. let me ask the thinking public... "do we really want a president who repeatedly reiterates his criticism of an opponent who reassessed his choices and changed his mind, rather than beat a bad idea to death along with the young men who are forced to support the original bad idea? Kerry may have voted to go to war under the needs described in bad intell-info, but he at least has the sense to say "oops, let's fix it" rather than "let's keep sending more young men to their death's in support of our troops, so they don't find out we made a mistake". duh-h-h-h-h. do we want a president who compounds a god-awful error with the inability to reassess a decision made with wrong intelligence? (major oxymoron). anyone who chooses for any reason, not to participate in the upcoming election, who is old enough to vote is an apathetic, pathetic, slacker who doesn't EVER deserve the right to complain about anything again for the rest of their non-deserving souless lives.

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