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September 22, 2004



I can't comment on Veronica Mars - cause I haven't seen it yet. But...I am currently in the process of taking all that latent angst I have from the double cancellations of Buffy and Angel and coming to terms with it. I'm at that stage where the diehard fans were when it ended - as I didn't hop on the train until midway through season 3. All the syndication does is make me yearn for more -- and I don't see how any show could possibly make up for that hole that has been created. I've run into cable television again in the past few months -- and lo and behold - there's still nothing on. The only show I've added on in the 60+ channels I've gained is Monk. What I want to know - as you dangle this morsel in front of me -- as I know nothing of it -- is is it moist? Is it worth it? Or is this just manifest anger like I'm experiencing?


You know, I have to say, at the end of "Angel," it was just too painful anyway. It was bad, and I found myself just wishing they would kill off some of the main characters just for some cheap thrills. The last episode redeemeed it a bit, I guess, but all in all, just blech.

And Buffy. Fucking A, what the hell was season 6 even about? With the exception of "Once More with Feeling" and "Tabula Rasa," what was the point of any of that? And season 7 was a complete wash, with a couple of good episodes, some mediocre ones and a bunch of eps that seemed to just be killing time.

But you know, we fans are always more critical than anyone else.

"Veronica Mars" is sort of Buffyish with distinct shades of "My So-Called Life" (love!!!), so if that can ease your pain -- works for me -- give it a whirl.

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