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August 30, 2004



I liked the mature, responsible looking peace march on Sunday. I didn't like the "smash stuff for anarchy" teens at Union Sq last night...

And if you dislike FOx, you may enjoy seeing an entire series of photos of what has happened to the Fox News Billboards in the NY subways: http://graphitefurnace.blogs.com/main/2004/08/fox_news_billbo.html

BTW, there is a big anti-corporate media protest Wednesday (today) at 7PM. Meet in midtown (details at http://www.fair.org/events.html). This is a mature, peaceful event, sponsored by FAIR, not a bandana-wearing stupid kids event like the nonsense near Union Square last night.


Wow I really wish I could of been there with you. The only protest around here was when Bush came over for some Neathercutt guy for a dinner and someone had a big sign painted that said "President Dumbass" posted near the highway he was supposedly traveling, but unfortunately he went another way.

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