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August 02, 2004



awww.ms pink. sorry you're sick.

it took many viewings of sitc to realize what a dick aidan is. however, i really started disliking him after the rumor i heard that john corbett is a republican.
i have never substantiated that rumor, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. movie stars should squelch terrible rumors like that as soon as they come out.


Oh my GOD, I HAAAAAAAAATE Aiden! Every time he is all, "I can't date a smoker," I just go blind with rage. Complete control freak loser! And fat! And when he got back together with Carrie and was all emotionally blackmailey with her for sleeping with Big...I mean, either you can deal with it or you can't, dude, so stop passive-aggressing! Loathe! Him! And again, f.a.t.

And you know, unlike the rest of the Sassy magazine crowd, I never thought John Corbett was a bit sexy on "Northern Exposure" either. (Does anyone else remember that article they did on the boys of "Northern Exposure"?) I was more of a Rob Morrow girl!


Now I was pretty happy with the "Northern Exposure"-era John Corbett. But the SatC Corbett? As you both say, BAD NEWS! I hope you're feeling better, Ms. Pink.


Oh gross, I just hated Chris on "Northern Exposure," he was so cheesy and like, totally seemed like he would be one of those guys who would unsexily lick endlessly at your ears and drag you to poetry slams in suburbia. ICK.

Now, Rob Morrow? Oh yeah, I love me some neurotic men. (As you know, Amykins, having met Mr. Pink. Who has recently started doing this thing where he won't walk on the green tiles at the mall. Uhm.)

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