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July 19, 2004



that linda ronstadt is COMPLETELY insane...while i'm all for watching people completely lose their shit over something relatively minor, these people took it to a whole "l.a. circa 1991 riots" level that just absolutely kills me...

while i admit i'd be a bit pissed if wayne newton dedicated a tune to limbaugh or o'reily, i hardly think i'd be moved to the point where i "...spilled drinks, tore down posters and demanded [my] money back..."

the large-belt-buckle-and-bull-horns-on-the-front-of-our-cadillac crowd is getting more and more antsy by the day...

"the tighter you grip the sand, the more slips through your fingers."


upon further review...

looks like linda didn't want much to be there in the first place.


that said, i still wouldn't barnstorm the joint if robert goulait started singing "proud to be an american" while a pic of the bush dream team flashed up on the jumbo-tron. that's just not classy.

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