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July 21, 2004



could there possibly be a less interesting subject for that film than metallica?


I think you lack imagination! There are plenty of duller subjects! But you know, the liklihood of someone making a movie about plastic cups is pretty low. I will say that the films I have seen on forklift safety are remarkably tedious.


and furthermore, what the holy FUCK is "a trend-spotting firm"??

the word "firm" indicates that this is a business entity, existing and profiting by...spotting trends? for whom? to what end? how, exactly, does one make money doing this?

i think i'll watch 24 hours a day of television news and start my own "bullshit-spotting firm".


Oh my GOD, trend-spotting is the new "business consultant"! Fake job du jour! It's been real trendy for, like, months. Sounds like a great gig, though -- I need me one of those!


i think i'd rather watch live video of an internal hemorrhage in my liver than endure even a minute of lars ulrich (multi-millionaire) whine about his thinly veiled, vaguely homoerotic feelings for kirk hammett.

and, forgive my complete ignorance, but who actually hires "trend-spotters" and for what purpose?


You are both SO WRONG about the Metallica doc, you lose!



eri, don't get me wrong...i'm sure the move is wholly worthwhile (rare is the time that IFC does me wrong), but the fact that i can't stand five seconds of the protagonist's voices makes it completely unwatchable to me....


Argh! I went out with one of these emo boys (mostly minus the cuteness) last night (Sarah eversoprescient) and was soooo bored I ended up way too stoned in new jersey. Yes, his songwriting stank, his screen play was an abomination and no I don't want to hear anymore about how he just wants "the RECOGNITION that's due to me." I have never been so happy to see a nj transit train at 5:45 in the morning.
Oh, and I have no thoughts on metallica. Emo boy sucked them all out of me.


Emo boy sucked them all out of me.

so you're saying the night wasn't a total loss?


Clearly I'm not worldy enough because I don't know what Sarah's reference to guys talking about their smallish weenies refers to. But that's another matter. I wanted to point out that the Kerry t-shirts mentioned a while ago are being sold through a company called "CafePress." However, if you look through their web site you'll see CafePress also sells a wide range of trinkets custom made for anti-choice, Clinton-hating, Bush-loving nut cases. Unless you're comfortable patronizing swine I would suggest finding another company to buy Kerry stuff from.


Cafe Press is just basically a graphics shop where anyone can submit designs and open their own "store." I have reservations about the place only because some designers have pointed out that they have some pretty shitty copyright rules. However, I don't think the fact that they allow psychos to create t-shirts bothers me too much, since it's just sort of uncensored silkscreening etc. Like, any business that makes buttons, t-shirts and whatnot is going to have some clients I agree with and some I don't. You know?

Or am I just being an apologist? This is entirely possible.

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