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June 21, 2004



yes! i'm with it, if for no other reason than this is validation that "fru fru" is an acceptable term. i have been scolded for years for using it, being told it's "foo foo"...


yes! it would be even more fru if you did it with those little high-heel/kitten heel flip flops. very barbie!


Uhm, people, I believe it's "frou-frou"!

My whole life aspires to Barbie, Lena, I think that is why I am a little bit in love!


I vote yes. They won't take long to do & they look like they will provide instant cheer whenever you need it.


first off, (still) love pinktalk. just read an article on www.boston.com that they are cancelling all Lollapalooza dates! Being a savvy blogorette, you prolly already know this, but just thought i'd leave a heads up:

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