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March 19, 2004



it's also the birthday of john in the morning, my favorite DJ of my favorite radio station, KEXP, which—telling from your currently listening listing—i think you'd enjoy. enjoy!


And birthday of Mr. Rogers - I guess Mr. Bush didn't get to watch Mr. Rogers show enough to learn how to be a gentle and peaceful monkey who can get along with others.


Oh my GOD, it's Mr. Rogers' birthday??? I am his BIGGEST FAN! You would totally think I would have known that! We have an autographed photo of him, made out to us on our 2nd wedding anniversary, shortly before his death in fact, on our mantel and it is the one thing, after Mr. Pink and the cats, that I would save from a burning building!


Ooops.. tommorrow is Mr. Rogers birthday :( I'm a day ahead - Spring Break Fever gets me every year.

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