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March 03, 2004



"brimful of asha on the....forty five!"

uh oh...here goes me to the illegal peer-2-peer file sharing software for a quick fix...see what you've done?

don't you just love the way "asha" sounds like "asher" when he says it? gah! to be british and in rock and roll...


Okay, last night's episode was fantastic I thought. It was so gratifying to see Cohen run through the airport after the girl I personally wanted to see him with. But did you see the upcoming scenes for the next show? WTF? i'm so disappointed. special guest paris hilton? quasi-strip club on sunset? no sir, i don't like it.


Oh, I don't know. I liked the way things turned out. Anna, I feel like I was really supposed to like her -- you know, the Pittsburgh thing and the hott haircut and use of brightly colored tights seems like she was tailor-made for me to love her -- but I never really did. I think the sameness of she and Seth was indeedy what the problem was. And Summer, God, she is so Classic Cordy (circa seasons 1 & 2 of Buffy), how can I not adore her?

Also, I appreciated the nice acting moments between Samaire Armstrong and Adam Brody at the end there -- nice subtlety, no need to anvil me over the head about her lying to make it better for not only Seth but herself, like in certain recent Joss Whedon shows. (Err, for example, the final seasons of both "Buffy" and "Angel," which make me so freaking stabby with their obviousness and tell-don't-show talky boringness. I hate that, why even bother having actors if you are just going to make them do a reading rather than actually act.)

Plus, maybe the departure of Anna spells Pittsburgh roadtrip! That would be R-A-D.

As for the Paris Hilton strip bar guest starring bit, I am kind of excited! I don't know, I have faith that it will all work out, because I am optimistic like that.

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