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March 25, 2004



comment made by a 212er within earshot of my mom at Guido's (a ritzy/organic grocery in the South Berkshires) on a busy Saturday:

"Can't these people shop during the week?"

oy, indeed.


Ha! You couldn't pay me enough to go to the Guido's on Pittsfield-Lenox Rd. on a weekend, good GOD!


Long time listener, first time caller, love the show.

Let's hope your neighbor's farm isn't too "quaint." More homes and fewer farms pushes that rooster down the hill towards nuisance town (in the legal sense). If Johnny New Jersey isn't a lawyer himself, I am sure he spends his nights near the center of the empire watching Law and Order. From there it is but a small step towards "protecting his investment" to sue Farmer Neighbor. Johnny New Jersey might not win on the merits, but will Farmer Neighbor think his rooster is really worth hiring a lawyer?

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