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January 27, 2004



so far so good. a not-so-distant second is, i suppose, perfectly acceptable. t'would be nice to have some positive sound-bites this week, howie...can ya do dat for a brotha?


I'm curious to hear more about which patterns from Hollywood K. you tried. I have checked that book out from the lib. about ten times and haven't made anything yet. I've been a little disappointed with the results of sweater patterns in the past so I'd love a recommendation of something that was fun to do AND had good results!


Ah, well, I have yet to do a sweater from it. I have made the glovelettes (whatever she calls them, although if doing it again, I would adjust the pattern a bit to nip in at the wrist), the superskinny scarf (easy peasy, didn't need the pattern, really), all the baby stuff, the water bottle holder, etc. All the easy, quick stuff that could help clear out the yarn stash. My beef with the sweaters is the sizing. I wear an 8, 10 max, but I have, well, breasts. And the measurements on some of the sweaters freak me a little. However, I am going to work on the straight neck pullover this weekend so I will update. After that, I am going to try the sweater in the way back that Julianne Moore models, mostly as an excuse to buy awesome yarn.

I will update with results!


so, speaking of being fairly unhappy in the Capital District and knitting -- any interest in a local stitch-n-bitch meetup? i've just stumbled into the Pink World this morning and it's a total relief. i've got 3 knitters who are ready for some serious social yarn work! any takers?

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