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January 19, 2004



everyday, we are really tippy-toeing closer to the ultimate and somehow completely believable end-result of this steady diet of bile...death penalty tv.

how can anyone deny that this would be the ultimate premise for a show? the whole season leading up to some schlub getting wasted on national tv in between mcdonalds ads and gw campain propaganda. it'll be a ratings blockbuster!


Mark, I'm sure the only reason we're not there already is because itwould be such a logistical nightmare and they wouldn't be able to keep under wrap whether he died.

I imagine it will hit pay per view soon though.



yeah, what with "ultimate fight to the death dolph-lundgren-style championship 14 live from a sweatshop basement in shanghai" already on ppv, and the current batch of reality tv coming closer and closer to springer-like car-crash-viewing, i imagine we're only a hop skip and jump from it.

not to get too carlin-ian on everyone, but really...when he did that bit in '96, it seemed so ludicrous. now, it's eerily entirely plausible, and that frightens the living bejeezus out of me.


am v. jealous of furry-paw-mittin-things. am going to be making kitty hat from stitch n' bitch v. v. soon. too cute.

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