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January 06, 2004



this may be difficult for and east coaster to understand, but massachusetts has long been burned into my mind as the place for me. i got some silly idea of such a thing in my formative years and has stuck with me since. the only remedy is to actually go there and find out for myself!
corey and i will have a much better idea of france vs north/easthampton in may..but am very excited to have a built-in (at least temporarily)drinking companion! yay!


I am a big fan of A Perfect World, though the fact that I am using "pre-aging" skin care products stresses me out a bit. I'm too young! It works as a nice primer for moisturizer and leaves my skin feeling very smooth, even as the midwestern winter wind tries to drain it of all hope. My skin? Me? What is the difference?

The Perfect World eye cream is also quite nice, my sis and mom are big fans. I also like the Incredible Spreadable Scrubs. Hope this helps!


Re: Origins. The two products I swear by are EYE DOCTOR (cucumber-y eye goodness) and NEVER A DULL MOMENT (apricot superfine facial scrub which lasts forever). The white tea line is awfully alluring (subtle orangey scent), but out of my price range for the moment. Do tell what you decide upon!


I also swear by Never A Dull Moment. I dont think I would be able to sleep at night without Sleep Perchance To Dream pillow mist...oh how I love being a girl!

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