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January 16, 2004



Politics...books...shopping...yarny goodness...more blogs need to be like yours.


American Apparel's weird sizing has me feeling kind of ambivalent about them, politically speaking. I'm a pretty medium-sized girl, but I have a hard time squeezing in to my medium/"one size fits all" AA shirt (which I happen to be wearing today, under something because I really only use it as an undershirt or to sleep in). Worse than the squeeziness is the short length, which creates a big tummy show every time I raise my arms slightly. Heaven forbid if I had anything resembling serious boobs--I definitely wouldn't be fit for public consumption in this thing.

I might try buying a large shirt from them in the future, or a small boy's shirt. I like that they don't use sweatshops, and I like the soft, lightweight 100% cotton material. But I have some serious qualms about a company that thinks the shirt I'm wearing right now comes even close to "fitting all". Weightism-O-Rama.

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