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January 19, 2004



what the proverbial fuck? i truly hope my corporate 'powers that be' haven't intentionally blocked my access (via the company firewall) to nytimes.com.

i haven't been able to hit the site since last week...grrrrr....


But Bloomberg administration officials say Mr. Carter has crossed a line. "It certainly raises the question of whether it is ethical journalism for an editor to use his magazine to push his agenda," said Edward Skyler, the mayor's press secretary, who last week accused Mr. Carter of ordering up a series of hatchet jobs on his boss.

oh, wah wah. We should all be so lucky to have such clever wordsmiths for our enemies as Carter and Hitchens!



Err, yeah, and hel-LO, isn't that usually what Editor's Letters do? I think they call it editorializing?

God, I am otherwise done with the Hitchster, but goddamn it if that article wasn't funny as fuck!

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