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January 22, 2004



I think Edwards is OK. He does not like Bush which makes him ok , plus he is not a hothead like Dean. Speaking of Arthouse movies did you see Girl from Paris? also called une hirondelle a fait le printemps


I mentioned this (well, whined about it) to Ms. Pink yesterday.

plus he is not a hothead like Dean

OK. So we have a problem with Gore 4 years ago...the man who makes the statue of David look like Don King chugging a case of Red Bull.

So we now have someone who acts like a human being...someone who shows that he's capable of an emotion other than that compassionate, tight-lipped thing that all politicians do when they want to look like they "really care about what the public has to say".

And all of a sudden, now he's a "hot-head"? What are we afraid of? What in God's name is Middle-America afraid of? Are we afraid that he's going to take his shoe off, bang it on the table and tell Kim Jong-Il, "We will BURY you?"


You know, not to digress or anything, but Al Gore is not, like, some dead-eyed robot. He was poorly portrayed in the media, punished for being a dork. And is he a dork? Hell yes. He is a huge wonky policy nrrd who is hyper-smart, sort of dry and speaks in complete sentences. Now, I am not passionate about Gore by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not like the guy was unelectable. It's just that, apparently, most of America (or slightly less than most, to be more accurate) prefers a chimpy C student as the guy who has his finger on the launch button for the nuclear warheads. Myself, I am interested in someone who can read, which is generally why I vote for Democrats.


By hothead I mean steam heat in the upstairs. When political orators get like Dean did with his sleeves rolled up shouting out all the fifty states, that kind of display reminds me of Hitler.
When you take the responsibility for millions of people as president you work towards balance.
Don't try and snow me with your "acting" I am not
a damn cog in a wheel to get excited about your redface. None of the people running for president are really saying anything to address the real problems , because for one thing they have no solutions to them and secondly if they were to really solve them they would allways have to do it
working with somebody else so it would not be their single ranting vision anyway.


Ah, be careful with the Iowa statements -- wouldn't want to offend your faithful Iowa readers that take time for the Democratic cause and sacrifice their comfort level to walk around in freezing air to caucus -- ?


Ahh, but we're so close to having that secondary candidate with the great ideas (aka, Howard Dean) in the White House next January I'd hate to see someone else grab the nomination.

You're absolutely right that Dean has done a phenomenal job of developing the Democratic message for 2004. But, John (Kerry or Edwards) with a bit of Howard Dean mixed in just isn't as good as the original.

And, thank you Dennis for making sure the Democrats don't check their consciouses at the door.


Oh my GOD, I have an Iowa reader? Rad.

By the way, about the caucus. Not dissing! I think it is pretty much the coolest political event I could think of, and I was telling Mr. Pink the other day how much I would love to live in a caucus state, but God knows if I had to talk politics with my neighbors over coffee, I would end up stabbing them to death because they are fucking morons.

That said, the winner of the nomination is quite often not the winner of the caucus. It's an obvious race you want to win, but there is a long road ahead, and time to make up for a loss. That's all, Amylady, swear!

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