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January 26, 2004



All right. The New Hamp. day is finally here for you libs. We get to watch them all implode and explode again. When oh when is Hill going to make her move, so Bush can win in the land slide he so deserves.


Bob? You know I am going to have to comment-ban you just for being irritating, right?

I give you one more chance, man, to make any sort of sense and prove you aren't just some asshole troll type. But one more chance is all I got to give, mister.


sarah, please let me handle mr. bob. you stick to matters of importance and continue to be beautiful, intelligent, forming your own opinions, and all those other things that conservatives hate women to do, and let me dangle the string in front of this kitty for a while. i like to watch the kitty dance for me...

c'mon, kitty...dance for me. here, here's the string:
a small part of the patriot act was just declared unconstitutional by a federal court. now they just need to get rid of the other part...you know, the rest of it.


and she wore flats! so ball-sy!



Oh, come on now. Can't we all just get along. Your comment about powerful women...ok here we go, I think Condi Rice in probably the most intellegent women in Washington right now. I think she should be on the ticket with Bush instead of Cheany, and then in 4 years, go for the big one. Your troll comment somewhat offends me. Why is it when some from the right, like myself, gives an opinion, its automatically wrong. Its just an opinion. I think potitics right now has gotten so far out of hand its crazy. Both parties do good and bad things for the country. You are not going to please everyone. Was the country better off with Clinton...yes, in some areas. I still think he is a joke though. Just my opinion. I think some of the things Bush does are a joke as well. This Iraq thing...ya, lets go, get it over with. Homeland security, better than its ever been. The economy...it is getting better. Not there yet. Education...I think has been a joke for 30 years. Nobody seems to get it right. I have no answer for that. The reason that I am a right leaning person is I am a middle class tax paying person, who is sick and tired of where this country is headed, and it started with Clinton. We are too soft on crime, immigration, I am paying to many taxes for what I get, and I am worried about my 2 year old daughter's future. I could go on and on. I do not see where anyone, including Bush, is going to solve all things, but he more than the Dems right now seem to do more for me and my situation. Is that selfish...oh course it is, but that the way I am.


Oh yes and Sarah...I really do enjoy this site of yours. It is one of the better ones I have visited. I also don't want to piss anyone off, so if I am...I am sorry. Just having some fun ya know. It cold here in Minnesota, and I have noting else to do.


Because, Bob. Like your conservative bretheren, you're saying one thing and believing the exact opposite.

You make a comment like "...Bush wins in the landslide he deserves" and then ask why we can't all get along? And when someone takes umberage with that, you shrug your shoulders like a 5 year-old and say "What did I do?"

The only constant is inconsistency, especially the "do as i say, not as i do" attitude, and THAT is what offends so many people so much about conservatives.

You say the economy is getting better. Is it getting better for the working class, or are the business owners and upper 1% simply making more money due to the changes made in laws to benefit them? Are there more jobs? Or are they merely making more by overworking and underpaying the existing employees? Bob, are you really reaping the benefits of this economy "getting better"? I certainly am not. And I, like you, am 'middle class'.

You say we're too soft on immigration. You must be really happy with the new Bush election ploy to hispanic voters regarding his proposed immigration policy changes.

You say you're worried about your daughter's future? You must not care how much clean air she has to breathe due to Mr. Bush's environmental policy, or the taxes she's going to pay to reduce the deficit he's creating, or that the money she'll have left after taxes will not be enough to secure adequate healthcare.

Clinton may have been a "joke", but who made him a joke? The Republican leadership that spent millions of taxpayer dollars and countless manhours of federal agencies trying to dig up real dirt, only to find out that he got a blowjob.

Bush? He's doing plenty fine making a joke of his presidency on his own.


I would like to address this immigration thing. Only my uneducated opinion at that. The Mexicans etc. are here already, they are working, and not paying much in taxes on these earnings. The people who hired them illegally will now be found out about, and they will have to pay. The workers will qualify for social security...ya, when they turn 67 1/2, just like you and me. Did Bush do this to get votes...probably, but so what. Show me any politicain who hasn't done things like this to get votes. And how many of these people are going to vote anyway. Yes, Bush is weak on the environment, I agree. Am I benefiting from this economy..sure I am. I have a 401k and a retirment program that does well when the markets do well. Of course big business and the 1% are doing better...they always do. The taxes my daughter will have to pay...are you telling me that the Dems will do a better job of balancing the budget? All they want, esp. here in Minnesota, are more programs...but at what cost. I already pay too much.

Sure, all Clinton lied about was his blow job. Do you really believe that? How about Whitewater? How about the trade secrets with China? Did he not send troops to Somolia, Iran/Iraq. Where was the outrage there? The economy was great under Clinton. Did you or anyone you know buy any tech stocks that are now worthless. My company did. Is that Bush's fault? Enron was pulling all of their crap during the Clinton administration, but somehow Bush gets blame because he knew people who worked there. Ok, thats his fault. NOT!

We really should have this discussion over a few beers. Then its really fun. My wife will not let me talk politics anymore. Thanks for letting me do it here. For some odd reason, this is fun for me. Oh and by the way, I could be a democrat (middle of the road type) if they would come up with someone worth while. I think Liberman is pretty ok.

But all in all, I think they all have their own agendas, and the middle class will always pay the highest price.


Again, consistently inconsistent. And, quite frankly, I'm sick to death of hearing everyone say 'show me one candidate who didn't do blah blah blah...'.

Copout city, man. You think your guy is so good for this country? Show me what he's doing BETTER than anyone else. Because so far, all you've come up with as a defense for any of the myriad things he's done blatantly wrong is "show me one politician who hasn't lied...show me one politician who hasn't pandered...show me one politician who hasn't abandoned his military service to work for one of his congressman dad's buddies in Alabama for a year, only to come back and be discharged with honors..."

It's fucking bullshit, and I'm tired of you, every other conservative, and the media giving this spoiled rich kid, golden boy, holy royal fuck up liar a pass.

I'm sure Clinton lied about a $40,000 crap real estate deal. I'm sure he stuck his dick in Lewinsky. Hell, I'm even fairly confident he had something to do with Vince Foster popping a cap in his own ass.

BUT...why, with their millions in taxpayer money and federal man hours, did the Republican-led commission come up with abso-fuckin'-lutely zilch when all was said and done? Maybe because these piddly things didn't mean dick in the face of the fact that he actually was doing a good job in leading this country.

Bush is not even a bit subtle about the lies he's told, because he's never had to be. No matter what trouble he's found his way into, his family (who get dangerously closer to an American version of a royal family as days go by) and their billionaire friends have bailed his sorry ass out.

Hell, the BBC is putting together a documentary on America's Empire. Could you imagine such a think happening during the Clinton administration?

The only reason you're not seeing 5 hours of impeachment hearings on the news every day is because the Republicans happen to have a majority or control all three branches of the American government at the moment.

Plain and simple, Bush is a divider, not a uniter. The one thing he has done better than any president since Lincoln's abolishionist movement is polarized opinion. Before the 2000 election, I couldn't give a shit about politics.

Now that I see how he got where he is and what he's doing with it, I want my country back.


My, someone gives a liberal a little bit of different opinion and the world is ending. Maybe thats the problem with you, its all doom and gloom. Why is it that the majority is run by the Republicans???Is it because the MAJORITY of the people voted them in. And don't give me the old "he stole Florida from us bullshit". Let me give you a little bit of a positive for the middle class, that I see. Mortgage interest rates when Clinton was pres...8-10%. Now, about 5.5%. Interest rates on your credit cards, if you have ok credit, Clinton--18%, now about 10%.
A car loan for 0% under ANY democrat unheard of. Seems these things not only help the rich, but they do help me, oh yea, and the poorer to help buy a home, remember, the American dream. So, Bush is some rich kid. He could only hope to be rich as your new boy Kerry, or drunky Ted Kennedy. Are these rich ass holes giving all the Bush Tax breaks back to the tax payers? I would rather doubt it. Oh yea, Clinton is now one of the rich boys as well. I had a thought on my way home last night. Most of you liberals are pro-abortion, but against capital punishment, because it kills people. Explain that. Oh, by the way, I also am pro-choice, but I also pro-capital punishment. I also own numerous guns...all registered. I also pay my annual dues to the NRA.

Now, I can tell by the way you wrote, you are really pissed off. This somewhat shows a maturity level of a lot of you people that I just cannot stand. Its like talking to a bunch of children, who who have never been said no to. A bunch of spoiled little shits who always must get their way. Well guess what, I will bet you Bush wins in a large margin this election, because you liberals cannot get your act togather. Your best is what we have seen???come on, this country is way more important than that. At least it is to me.

Now, lighten up...this is supposed to be an enlightened discussion. Calm down and enjoy yourself. I am just an uneducated boob who just wants to have a lively discussion.

You said before 2000 you didn't give a shit about potitics. Maybe the polorization is not all coming from the right. Why is it that Bush will win this election? Are the majority of Americans wrong here. And your Royalty comment, that started with the Kennedys. Another pack of shits. But lets not start on that.

So really, don't dislike me because I think a bit differently than you. Isn't this the kind of stuff that makes America the greatest place to live...that we can even have these discussions. Mine is just an opinion...maybe I should be as passionate as you, but I am not. I just vote with who I think is best, not just for me but for my family. Right now, Bush is that person. Get me someone better and I will look at it. So far, I haven't seen it. I do think Clinton could have been one of the greatest presidents ever, but it was all of his fuck ups that got me down. Does Bush lie...I am sure he does, but like I stated before, I think most do. Too many agendas and too many promises to keep, to not.

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