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January 07, 2004



Better put up an amazon link so someone can buy you one!


bleh...horrendously overpriced for the painfully apparent lack of features.

please. for $50 more, you could either get a REAL ipod, or one of those snazzy jobs that also plays videos of all sorts (via an internal lcd screen or output), has an updatable operating system, and can also record cd quality files from an external source. waaaaay more useful.

i'm really over the whole ipod revolution.


...oh, and, lest you think me a crochety compu-geek without a soul to speak of, yes, i'm aware that the things i'm talking about don't come in pink.


You clearly do not understand my priorities, mister.


oh, but i do. hence the second of my twin comments.


somewhere, somewhere, I read someone else's review of the new Ipods. Their beef was that it's not really a mini since it's just a tad smaller than the regular Ipod. They did say that the navigation wheel on the mini was much better than the one on the regular Ipod.

I think that better navigation and a pink cover is perfect justification for a mini Ipod.



i ordered the pink one its coming very soon! im soo excited!!!

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