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December 30, 2003



Amy Poehler is the best.
I like the episode with the "Hot chicks room."
Have a spiffy new year, darling.


i think that may have been the only remotely funny sketch in the entire run of the show, will.

sarah, i thought i knew you better. ugh.


Oh. My. God. Are you on the crack, Mark? That show? So funny! What about the one about the training session at the fast food restaurant where the trainer person is all, "So you open the freezer door WITH YOUR HANDS!" That fucking rocked. God. I am actually laughing right now thinking about it! Or the Wolfman Jack doorbell salesperson? Jesus Christ! That shit is just funny.

Mark, maybe the years and years of Polish jokes that are native to Pittsburgh have tainted your sense of humor? Hee!

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