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December 18, 2003



i come up with all sorts of romanitc notions of the countryside and being out in nature, etc. but when i actually go into the outdoors (day trips, camping, or even a hotel in a small town area) i get bored within, like, an hour and then go and sleep until it is respectably late to start drink the alcohol. (3pm).


hahaha... A few days ago, I got into an argument with one of my friends about the new punk-pop. I turned to him at one point and just said, "You own the Sex Pistols, on vinyl, tape and cd. Shut up."
Thankfully, he did.


Well, it's funny because I really don't like being in the position of defending, like, Good Charlotte or whatever, but really! These sad aging boys need to get over themselves with their strange and highly selective snobbery!

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