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December 31, 2003



ms pink! i like your summation of the year, but i think, even though you have personal differences, that maybe you should reconsider moving massachusetts into the hot category. or at least the supreme judicial court of the commonwealth of massachusetts. they were pretty hot in the latter part of the year. i said shazam!


on the topic of jason mraz:
to borrow a phrase from you, ms. pink - stab!

last night as he was rocking out on robotron clark, er, uhm, i mean dick clark's new years' rockin eve....jenna mentioned that he looks in certain camera angles like phoebe's brother on friends...what's his name? giovanni something?


Still not in 2003: "LOL."

But hey, what's wrong with ballpoints pens? The Bic classic ("Writes Every Time") rocks my world.

I am SAD that you came to Pittsburgh and didn't visit me at my restaurant, the Quiet Storm. Please let me know next time, Pinky!

And happy 2004! I look forward to another year of Pinktalk.


We never have enough time to go to everyplace we want to in Pittsburgh, Ms. Jilly! I will be sure to hit it in July when we're home again, unless of course we get to move there before then. (In which case, I predict it will be our Hott in 2004 restaurant of the year!)

I just hate ballpoint pens! Unreasonably!

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