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December 11, 2003



You are not alone! Last night, I finally got to order some stuff for my daughter, but everybody else on my list is still unaccounted for!


Number of decorations I have up = 0
Number of gifts I've purchased = 0
Tree? - Uh uh.
Know what I'm making for dinner or if I'm just going out? - Nope.
Number of days left to get my sh*t together? = 12.


This part of the article is amazing: "more than half of the average child's daily calories now come from sodas, juices, and other high-calorie drinks, and that 10 percent of teenage boys suck down seven or more cans of soft drink a day."

I have never understood the compulsion that parents have to give their kids juice. So many parents just blindly accept that this is a good thing to do. I don't get it. Have they heard of fruit? Give the kid an orange, or an apple, or a peach, or some strawberries or blueberries.

We go to these kids parties and parents make a big deal out of purchasing juice boxes that are 100% juice. Like that makes it healthy for a kid to swill two or three of 'em in the course of a two hour party.


Oh totally, I am so anti-juice for kids! There was just so much shocking (well, not to me because I am obsessed with this stuff, but you know, in general) in that article, I think, it is really scary.


even scarier: In the world as a whole, according to the WHO, more people are obese than malnourished. That is sooooo wrong


ew yeah, a lot of vegan friends tried to convince me that "fruit sugar" was "the good sugar" to try to make me drink juice when I went sugar-free. Yuck, gah I hate juice!



according to the WHO


to give you all just a glimpse into my mind, the first thing i thought after reading that was..."since when does anyone give a fuck what roger daltrey thinks of pediatric nutrition?"

it's bad, people.

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