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November 20, 2003



i'm not sure which part of that scathing commentary offends me most...the gap khakis or the suv or...gasp...the pepsi (mt. dew is a pepsi product).

or perhaps it's the disappointing realization that i actually fit into that description.


Oh, Mark, I do not recall you as being particularly ordinary, kitten.


thank you, dear heart.

as i've mentioned, i have accepted and embraced my suburbanite status, and as part of the "great plan", i will infect the system from the inside out. by adopting their visage, i've gotten them to accept me as one of their own, and am currently desigining my methods for unleashing holy terror upon the minivan drivers of the world.


(ps- quit making fun of suv drivers. we're not ruining the world. we must get over this idea.)


I just spit milk out my nose. hilarious!

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