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November 20, 2003





No matter what you say, it's...still...knitting...

We're guys. We work out of the 8 color Crayola box. It does not compute.

Halo, Madden, Paris Hilton. THESE are the words that register with us.

Of course, if you want to knit me a killer snowboarding hat I'll let send you my address :)


er, I think you should write before bed more often. That was a pretty interesting little read - expand, please!!


i know i'm in the minority, but knitting stresses me out like nobody's business. that's probably because i'm a beginner and a perfectionist, a dead-frustrating combination when it comes to developing new skills.


i agree with the whole creative types like to knit and blog. i'm blogging while wearing my new favorite hand-knit scarf (i made it this summer). it's long and pink and purple and red and soft like a kitten and looks like a fraggle. i'm glad it's getting more attention, if only because of things like the stich and bitch book, and how finding cool yarn stores is getting easier and easier. and it means i get to spend some more time with my mom, learning about not just knitting but hearing great old family stories.


(first time comment - love the site and the knitting!)

My boyfriend knits. Actually, I have to borrow a pair of his circular needles to make my next project. Not all guys are so dense to the knitting fascination.

For me, it is a great way to fill in time that could be "lost": standing in line at the post office, waiting to be picked up, sitting with my mom post surgery, watching the little bits of TV I tune in to. My hands are busy and my mind is free to work on something or nothing at all, perfect for a chronic fidgeter.


Well Brigita, the frustration eventually melts away into accomplishment once you get the hang of it.

Forrest, you're right, knitting is knitting no matter how one puts it, but there's nothing bloody wrong with that.

Baby, it's an art, but a practical art.

I love it, man. Love it.


hey I wanted to ask you, I want to get Stitch & Bitch as a Christmas gift for my crafty aunt, but I think she already knits. Is there enough info to hold the interest beyond basic how-to stuff?



Yes, I think that there are plenty of projects in there that are more advanced. I already know how to knit basic stuff, but there are lots of good tips I didn't know in the "how to" section and decent, unusual patterns that are complex-ish (for example, the "Under the Hoodie" sweater; the two bikini patterns; the "Alien Illusion Scarf" [totally beyond my abilities!]).

So definitely, yes, I recommend it for all levels of skill.

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