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November 23, 2003



Ooh...yay for you rocking the Beatles this weekend.

I, like a fool, went out and bought that "Let It Be...Naked" 2 disc set as I was purchasing Jenna's birthday present.

It's good, but not drastically different from the original, save the 3 songs that Phil "psycho killer, qu'est-ce que c'est" Spector produced.

Oh, and the second disc? OK. Why, when the first disc fills about 40 minutes of a potential 80 minute capacity, would you need a SECOND disc with only 20 minutes of audio on it???

I only recommend it for the hardcore Beatles fans who have to have everything and line Sir Paul's pockets even more.


I guess that I'm the only musicalphile in the entire U.S. of A and Britain that thought that this new production of Oklahoma...SUCKED!!!! I saw it on Broadway, sans Jackman of course, and watched it on Saturday night. I just don't like it. Okay, I'll admit that Judd is very effective and super creepy...but big fucking whoop that "laurey" acts AND dances in the Laurey ballet. Who cares...that just means that one more broadway actor that could have been employed is now probably selling crappy costume jewelry in Brixton.

So...let me in...why does everyone love this production?????

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