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November 18, 2003



i don't know you personally..just through miss aimzilla of boise (my future neighborino!), but i wanna come get married in your parking lot! or somewhere prettier even!
masachusetts is a yet another domino about to fall in the grand scheme of taking over new england and then the rest of america that is at the forefront of the gay agenda for world domination! ha ha!


Oh, everyone is welcome to a parking lot wedding, Mister Zach! I know of you from the fabby Amy, and I am confident that I could put together something really nice for you using the refuse my white trash neighbors abandon next to the dumpster! Or, yeah, someplace prettier would be okay too.

Hey, if there is gay world domination in the works, I feel like my life is about to get a whole hell of a lot better! Woohoo!

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