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November 25, 2003



I want The O.C. to be on every night. However can I wait until tomorrow's episode? Oh, by reading the recaps. Right-o.


Ah, but Amy, what are you answers for "Marry Screw or Kill"? I have been wrestling with this dilemma all day!


I see you catching me in my inability to decide, Ms. Pink. Um, well, my boyfriend Adam Brody I think is probably marry. But also, he IS sevenish years younger than me. Age gaps seem smaller with age, though right? I mean, if I were going for the older guy, then I'd be MARRIED to The Eyebrows. Don't get me wrong I'd DO The Eyebrows, but I don't think I could be married to them. And obviously, no one needs to die. I just can't pick. Let me get back to you.


Yeah, I'd fuck any of them, that's the problem. See, after the first few eps, I would say marry Brody, fuck McKenzie and very, very reluctantly kill Eyebrows. But the more scenes where these guys mack on the ladies, the harder it gets for me. I just don't know anymore! Amy! What will we do? Mwah, love you darling!


No no no, it's Cliff/Shag/Marry (as in, shove off a cliff)!

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