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November 21, 2003



No, no, I think you make a very good point. I'd like to see a fully formed essay on the topic. ;)

IMHO, isn't the true definition of feminism giving women the ability to do whatever they want? If they want to knit, why shouldn't they?


thank you for the links and quotes--i think you are are right on the money with this.


Sarah - To take the whole "back to traditional activities" one step further, I think the trend towards what I'm going to call "handicrafts" is occuring on a much larger scale.

I'm basing this on the most recent Print Magazine Annual. For those not familiar with the annual, it's a summary of the best graphic design, illustration and advertising work from the previous year.

What immediately struck me about the artwork in this year's annual is that much of the design work has a very hand-created look and feel.

Whole page layouts are done with pencil drawings. There is a large amount of hand lettering, really rough, over-processed imagery and photos that have that multiple-xeroxed look.

My first thought and I continue to feel this way is that this "hand to the paper" look is in reaction to the crisp computer generated layouts that everyone at this level has probably mastered. The real challenge is now to go back to the drawing board and see what can be designed without the aid of a computer - or even traditional drafting! (and don't misunderstand me - this annual is full of beautiful and inspiring artwork).

And what about all of the DIY shows and stores and all of the creative people recyling old stuff into new cool stuff. The trend extends far beyond sock knitting.

...and a message to the general public, if you think blogs about knitting socks are boring...don't visit them! How easy is that!


I am so glad you wrote this entry. I totally agree with what you said. I find it funny that its rolled into a whole 3rd fucking wave. but hey, I got nothing better planned, bring it on! good stuff

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