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November 10, 2003



Oooh, I love both! But I think I like the skirt better.


I like the dress. It'll make you look like a red-headed Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Skirt. Color is good. If you do the dress, do some awesome neck jewelry with it.


I *seriously* need to talk to you re: wardrobe.

I didn't know you were going all glamazon on me. If that's the case, I will definitely have to kick it up a proverbial notch.

When will I find time to go to the G. D. mall? Shit...


Oh, we should shop together, yes? I mean, you know, I will look and try things on before and then when I get to your place, shop! Or, uhm, yeah, we need to chat about it. I have many ideas!


I don't know you, but I love your blog and read often. Here's my two cents:
If you have any sort of boobage, definitely go with the dress. I purchased something similar recently and the twins received rave reviews.

That said, the pink skirt is definitely cha cha digregorio! Either is delightful.

Best of luck.


Whoa, Amy, when I first saw your name "Mac," I sorta freaked out a little, because I thought maybe you were this guy who tried to kill me in college, also known as Mac! Whew!

I do indeed have the boobage, and I know the wonders of the wrap dress oh-so-well. I always feel like a rawkin mafia wife circa 1971 when I wear one.


I think someone forgot the two most magical words in the English language:

Pink! Skirt!



The pink skirt...hands down.


Pink skirt, yes, go with the pink skirt. I do not have enough wonderful things to say about the pink skirt. Also, I am quite excited by the hypothetical clutch.

sarah b.

the skirt on the dress is too a-line to be truly sexy. the raspberry skirt kicks ass!


Oh my GOD, worst news! I went to Banana Republic and no dice! They haven't a blessed satiny pink thing in the whole damn place! So I dropped by H&M and found a gold satin pencil skirt (with matching corset!) but it was sort of, uhm, overtly slutty. And Ann Taylor wsa way to classy, Macy's was full of sound and fury signifying nothing, etc. So tomorrow I will continue my lunchtime mall sweep at Rampage (many pink glittery things in the window!) and maybe a place I have never set foot in: Forever 21 (which also had a lot of pink in the window)...? The Guess store had satiny and pink, but all of it was, like, so short (and I am so tall) that methinks it would not cover my behind sufficiently.

So suggestions are welcome, people!


Quel Horreur! Or something like that. You could be classic and go with a little black skirt and a shiny top. Shiny tops are fairly readily available, right?


watch out for that Forever 21—whoever is in charge of determining sizes at that company must be cross-eyed, farsighted, and have serious problems with math and measurements.


Sarah, the Banana Republic also displayed a similar black matte jersey skirt on the Amazon page for, I believe, $68.

If it's available, and you get it, that solves half the issue already. Then you can just pick out some fancy top wherever. Or get a plain top and find some snazzy scarves or accessories.

A basic skirt like that, if it falls nicely and is comfortable, is an investment.

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