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November 24, 2003



I've actually seen him in real life, and it's true what they say about television adding on weight. He's not over weight at all, he just has a boxy figure and is decently muscular.

Though the man is not a nutritionist (my sister is) he did have nutritionist and people from the health community help loads in his little weight loss challenge, and he's acknowledged that.

I'm not a fan of the man, but I don't dislike him either.

John Steven

He's not fat, he's big-boned!. [/Dr. Cartman] ;P


ur quite the stupid bitch, u dont have to be thin to tell other people that being fat isnt healthy


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you are absolutely right.Dr. Phil has a cult of mindless americans who obey his every word and is forming an army of zombified soccer moms. he is a terrrorist from planet hollywood and is plotting to overthrow FOX. I don't mind Oprah though, but she is sort of annoying.


Dr. Phil is a moron. He thinks he has the answers to everything, but he doesn't. Nobody has all the answers. He comes off as an arrogant jerk! And he used the American public like puppets.


Who cares about Dr. Phil, get a life!

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