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November 03, 2003



I love you Sarah. Lots of airkisses sent East!


ouwie! thumbtacks where? you are so dead on right about Jane.
b.t.y.- i love your blog. its fun when I'm pretending to work.


oh hell yes, one more soul brought back from the dark side of Jane fandom. My work here is done!


John Steven

Where can I find one of these hyper-hott, brainy, ass-kicking, funny and sexy girls? ^_-

la darling

This blog is flavour of the month, it is really enjoyable. See below Ionizing


ha ha, i just put something up on my blog a few days back about how much i hate jane. it is aptly titled "jane can bite me." i work in the "fashion" industry, and we get every girlie magazine on the market, so i read it every month. and like you, i keep hoping beyond reason that i will see glimmers of sassy and be satisfied. alas, it never happens.

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