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November 28, 2003


Knitting Novice

Naw, I had to work to. Movies always playing. Full house at the evening show. Bummer, I cause I just wanted to drink some wine and eat more turkey.


I am very interested in trying a Victoria's Secret non-padded pushup bra myself, but cannot find one around here either. Boo!

Damn you YSL for discontinuing my favorite bra years ago. I am still looking for a replacement.

I guess that sort of doesn't fit here.



Ah...a fellow knitter...although crocheting seems to have taken over for Christmas so far. Anyway. I just wanted to write that I'm lucky enough to have a sister who works for Victoria's Secret. I got a bra she had gotten as a promo gift on Thanksgving. I call it "Medievel torture bra". Coming here though, I have found out that it is a "Unpadded push-up". All I can say is, although I am a B...I look down and my nose is in cleavage. Somewhat disturbing, but gives me a weird sense of power.

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