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September 29, 2003



Warning: This is totally unrelated to your post.

So, I'm goofing off and not doing my homework, right? So, I decided I would get around to reading your "About Me" section.


You're a LEFTIE?!?

How could I not know this about you?

Unless...perhaps you mean politics and not the hand you write with.


Wait, I should change that to "Communist." Ha ha.

Get back the homework, slacker!


Yay. Methinks I am done with my assignment. Just as I was shooting an email to the teacher with my special URL, I re-read his message.

He gave us an extention. The assignment is due on October 8th.

Color me (unintentionally) nerdy.


(Inside Joke) PS - Sarah, you can't just use "communist" to mean "bad." (/Inside Joke)

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