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September 30, 2003



When do you get any work done? :-P


Well, I'm glad you asked, Brian darling.

I work fro 5am-8am, and then again from 9am-3pm, with frequent evening hours as well as needed. So given that I am essentially "on call" or working for upwards of 16 hours each day, I will most definitely cop to slacking occasionally during "normal" office hours. I am on the internet all the time for work too, which is why I often post in the evenings.

Ah, the life of the type A personality!


Funny, that is the look I was actually GOING FOR around 1997. Man alive.


*chuckle* I got my most recent driver's license photo done with a white polo shirt underneath a black cardigan, and my hair pulled back. I look like a nun. Just so you know, I was wearing my black dress trousers that day.


oh my god, I am always up for a Crucible joke!



Oh thank Jesus that someone got the Goody O'Dell joke! I was starting to think that I was the only one who thinks that is riotously funny.

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