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July 29, 2003



Sarah -- I'll agree with you that the terror market is a pretty macabre, fucked up idea, but is it really the *most* fucked up thing in the world, as you've indicated?

I'll bet the Europeans have us beat in the area of Overall Number of Things Fucked Up.

And I'll bet if we put our heads together, we could come up with some pretty fucked up things to would give the terror market idea a run for its money. But yeah, to your point, it is pretty fucked up. If you'll pardon my french.


Well, yeah, I can probably think of something more fucked up, sure, but then again, I can't get DARPA funding, so I perhaps I should amend to say that this is possibly the most fucked up thing funded with federal tax dollars ever.

That seems more fair, I guess.

As for the Europeans -- maybe, but they've existed as nations longer, so I think there should be some formula for figuring out the fucked-up-ness over the number of years of existence. Or something.



That's a good point about the Europeans; I mean, there should be some handicap figured in depending on how long (or not) you've been a nation, and non-democratic nations probably shouldn't count at all (or at least they should be in their own category).

Do you think we could get DARPA funding if we promised to consistently come up with fucked up ideas? Seriously, when you look at many federal programs, the degree of "fucked-up-ness" very well may be part of the qualification for full funding.

Besides, if out of all of our fucked up ideas we hit with one like the Internet, well, that would still be pretty damn good, wouldn't it?

I'll get W. on the phone...


If you can get W. on the phone, I think I have some other more pressing things to discuss with him, actually.

But after that, sure, tell him I have an idea about the homeless problem, recycled hypodermic needles, depleted uranium and an army of super-intelligent man-cockroach hybrids. I will start working on it as soon as that DARPA check clears.

I still don't know if that is more fucked up than the speculative market on terrorism and assasination, and I do admit I am cribbing a bit from season 4 of "Buffy," but I think he would still find it interesting. If he knows what "hybrid" means, of course. Heh.

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