> pinktalk

Viola, she is a cat.
View of, well...
Goat in a cage.
Look how mean Dan is.
Seen in central PA.
Bar scene.
Me, sort of drunk.
Me drunk, part the first.
Magnetic poetry, so 1997.
Devil cat!
Washing dishes, so!
Home sweet home.
Farewell evening eyes.
Bathroom shots.
Farewell evening with Erin.
My Dad rocks.
Mr. Husband.
Collagen injection victim!
Behold the power of Kureyon!
A giant boot.
Hey Mr. DJ, put the record on.
The kids in the midget bar.
John has a long tongue.
Portland has lights.
She just helps herself.
This toy lasted 10 minutes.
Finny sits like a person!
Ben's Birthday: Spongebob.
Ben's Birthday: Blindfolded Ben.
Ben's Birthday: Joe whacks.
Ben's Birthday: Pinata guts.
Pots and Dan.
Pots, undone.
Pots, all done.
Let sleeping sheep dogs lie.
Wee goats.
Cat in a bag.
Benjamin Rush drinks Yuengling.
Jason, pensive.
4th of July crowd, part 1.
4th of July crowd, part 2.
Amberama, pt. 1
Amberama, pt. 2