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March 19, 2008



It's nice to hear him actually talk about race like a grown up. Maybe he should have tried that awhile back? You know, when he was talking about being like a blank screen that people could project images of themselves on. That's sort of when I decided that between his striking a pose every 1 - 3 minutes during his speeches, as if he were in Madonna's video Vogue, and his total failure to actually explain what precise changes we were in for and what exactly he was going to do differently than Hillary on getting us out of Iraq (which, as it turns out, is exactly nothing) I didn't like him.
Now, when he says he went to a church that was teaching his young daughters hatred towards whites for 20 years-- but he never noticed it, I pretty much hate the guy. They say the Clintons lie----not even they ever tried anything that obvious and on a subject this sensitive to everyone.
You know Carter quit the Southern Baptist Convention when they were taken over by the uber righties. He never lost his faith, still goes to church--hell he still teaches Sunday school regularly. So, this Obama not turning his back on that vicious preacher makes me sick. God and faith is what Obama is now hawking like a GOPmeister. And,you support him? Yes, well, you go right ahead and vote for him so you can tell yourself you have washed your hands clean of any white guilt over slavery.....it's working wonders for millions of others.
A typical old white woman

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